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International Groups

Women, Food and Agriculture Network
Denise O'Brien
59624 Chicago Road
Altantic, IA 50022
(712) 243-3264
FAX (712) 243-5752

Central Mission of the Organization:

The Women, Food and Agriculture Network links and amplifies women's voices on issues of food systems, sustainable communities and environmental integrity.

History of the Organization:

WFAN was founded in 1997 in order to help Iowa farm women become involved in the policy issues affecting their daily lives.

International Issues and Focus:

Sustainable agriculture.
Social and ecological justice.
International economics.

Events and Programs Sponsored:

Retreats for women.
Participation in international and national forums such as International Rural Women's Fair., WTO, Second International Conference on Women in Agriculture.

 Membership: Different membership levels at $10 or $30 per year.

University News
September 15, 2017
Audience members will vote on the repertoire for the Sept. 25 performance by Steven Spooner, who opens the fifth season of the Keys to Excellence Piano Series at Drake University.