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2016 Principal Financial Group Global Citizenship Award Nominees

Mahmoud Hamad, Associate Professor of Politics

Mahmoud promotes Drake University as a global knowledge hub bringing recognition to the University in numerous settings. For example, the United Nations selected Mahmoud to co-lead a mediation team that solved disputes within the Libyan Constitutional Drafting Assembly, which, in April 2016 approved a draft of Libya’s constitution.  Mahmoud’s expertise and bilingual skills offer him opportunities to publish in both English and Arabic journals and to provide news commentary to Al-Jazeera and Al-Hurah.

His dedication to exposing students to other cultures and languages is well-known University-wide. Mahmoud’s travel seminars to Egypt or Turkey challenge students’ knowledge and assumptions and are usually filled to capacity.   Model Arab League (MAL) is another way Mahmoud encourages students to learn about policy-making through research, dialogue, and debate. He has led students to Cairo to compete in MAL councils, debating current issues facing the Arab world.

Students and other faculty recognize Mahmoud’s untiring efforts to immerse students in culture and language as an extension of every topic and every course. He takes every opportunity to share his culture and beliefs and to encourage students to do likewise. Students become familiar with his thesis, “no one holds monopoly over truth.”


Jeffrey Kappen, Assistant Professor of International Business, Management and Communications

A living example of globalization, Jeffrey Kappen is multilingual and has countless years of foreign experience and a willingness to lead students, faculty, and staff on any international opportunity that may arise.  On campus he serves on the World Languages Steering Committee, the Nelson Institute Advisory Board, the Global Learning Scholarship Committee, and the Fulbright committee.  

Jeffrey has directly and profoundly impacted the lives of many students over his four years at Drake University.  Since his arrival, Jeffrey’s work within the College of Business and Public Administration and with the study abroad program has resulted in steady increases in International Business majors who study abroad.

Besides his contributions to the development of infrastructure for internationalization on campus, in the community Jeffrey is a valuable resource for the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s regional globalization efforts. He has done consultative work on the implementation of the Greater Des Moines Regional Export Plan resulting in a defined strategy to engage local businesses and support their exporting efforts.


Marc Pinheiro-Cadd, Director of World Languages and Cultures

As one of Drake’s key resources for internationalizing the curriculum, Marc has reinvigorated language study at Drake – Spanish enrollments have grown nearly 200 percent in the last five years, French enrollments remain strong, and Drake continues to offer Arabic and Chinese.   He has helped secure and expand institutional relationships with Universities in Japan, Mexico and China for students and faculty who wish to study, teach, or learn foreign languages abroad.  Furthermore, Marc helped secure two $50,000 grants to fund programmatic needs.

Marc has worked diligently to make substantive and wide-reaching contributions to global engagement and internationalization of the campus and curriculum. He encourages students to study abroad and works with community and University partners throughout Iowa, the United States, and the world. For instance, he leads Drake’s engagement with partners in Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC), a consortium that includes numerous prestigious universities across the U.S.

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