Faculty Development Fund

The Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship Faculty Development and Campus Activities Funds

An important objective of The Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship at Drake University is to enhance the international experiences and understanding of Drake faculty, staff and students. The Center offers two funding mechanisms available to Drake faculty members: The Global Citizenship Faculty Research and Development Fund and the Global Citizenship Campus Activities Fund. Each is described below.

The Global Citizenship Faculty Research and Development Fund:

The purpose of this fund is to support faculty research abroad and activities that expand the international knowledge, interests and expertise of faculty members. Two types of activities are supported: faculty research projects carried on outside of the United States and participation in educational seminars (e.g., CIEE seminars) or similar activities that broaden or deepen the faculty member’s knowledge of a particular international topic or location.

Activities that are NOT eligible for funding: 1. Participation in disciplinary or academic conferences in the U.S. or abroad; 2. Travel abroad to present a lecture, paper, performance or exhibit; 3. Travel for the purpose of building institutional relationships between Drake and institutions abroad; 4. Site visits in support of new or established international seminars or service learning programs for students; 5. Travel to visit partner institutions in China or elsewhere. To seek support for travel abroad that falls into these categories, faculty members may wish to consult with relevant Dean’s offices or Vice Provost Christa Olson.

Funding is capped at $3000 per proposal and only full-time faculty are eligible to apply. Proposals may be submitted throughout the academic year. Faculty should plan up to 3 weeks for the review and notification of proposal awards. Funding decisions will be made by the CGC Director and two GIPAC members. To apply, please submit a proposal via the common international fund application form below. A one page report that describes the activities and experiences supported by the grant should be submitted at the completion of the activity.

Common International Faculty Development Fund Application

The Global Citizenship Campus Activities Fund:

The Center sponsors and co-sponsors a variety of campus events and activities related to global, international and multi-cultural affairs throughout the year. Faculty are invited to propose speakers, panel discussions, films, cultural events, class visitors or other relevant activities that may benefit from Center sponsorship in the form of funding and other types of support. Applicants should be prepared to provide in-kind support for the proposed activity (i.e., should take responsibility for assisting in organizing the activity). Applications are accepted throughout the year, but should allow for sufficient lead-time both for consideration of the proposal and for adequate planning and implementation. Submissions should be directed to David Skidmore, Director of the Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship. Priority will be given to proposals that promise to further the purposes of the Center as outlined in the mission statement below. Although there is no predetermined cap on the amount of funding that may be requested, applicants are encouraged to seek funding from multiple sources for larger requests and funding may be denied or scaled back due to limited financial resources.

Funding requests should include the following information about the proposed activity:

- Name and contact information of person responsible for project.
- Description of the proposed activity, including dates and duration.
- Rationale for proposed activity and expected benefits.
- Description of the intended audience.
- A detailed budget.
- List of other funding sources to which request has been directed.

Mission Statement:
“The Principal Financial Group® Center for Global Citizenship educates students to function effectively in different cultural contexts, and to see their own culture from the perspective of others. The Center also works to ensure that global perspectives and issues are an integral part of the intellectual and cultural experience of all members of the Drake community.”

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