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You’re curious about the world, unafraid to push your limits and explore the unfamiliar. These qualities will serve you well in this era of globalization, marked by complex and growing connections across societies. The Principal Center for Global Citizenship offers programming and resources to hone your intercultural skills, satisfy your curiosity, and prepare you for professional success.

The Global Ambassador Program is a cocurricular program for students interested in exploring diverse cultures and better understanding global problems. Through a variety of activities, including discussions with visiting dignitaries and a global service-learning experience, you can earn a certificate and a notation on your academic transcript.

For those interested in public or global health, the Global and Comparative Public Health concentration may be an excellent academic complement to your major course of study. The concentration is open to all majors, and aligns well with majors in Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Biology, International Relations, Politics, Sociology, Philosophy, and others.

In addition, if you’re interested in interning abroad or pursuing an international career, you’ll find great information and guidance on our resources page

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March 21, 2018
The Beautiful Bulldog Contest at Drake University® has selected a panel of judges that is every bit as exciting and diverse as the canines who will participate in the 39th annual pageant.