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Our Team

Members of the Strategic Diversity Action Team (SDAT) are leading the climate assessment process at Drake University. SDAT comprises faculty and staff from across campus and is led by Melissa Sturm-Smith, associate provost for academic excellence and student success; Renee Cramer, associate professor of law, politics, and society; and Michael Couvillon, associate professor of education.

Drake has also employed the services of Rankin & Associates Consulting to conduct the climate assessment. 

Please reach out any member of the team with questions you may have or suggestions for our work.

  • Rod Clark
  • Nana Coleman
  • Michael Couvillon
  • Renee Cramer
  • Anisa Fornoff
  • Jerry Foxhoven
  • Megan Franklin
  • Claudia Frazer
  • Lisa Gardner
  • Phil Hall
  • Cain Hayes
  • Terry Hernandez
  • Jackie Heymann
  • Gary Johnson
  • Annique Kiel
  • Ted Lyddon-Hatten
  • Nancy Macedo
  • Venessa Macro
  • Cherie Moen
  • Pam Pepper
  • Jennifer Perrine
  • Kathleen Richardson
  • Kevin Saunders
  • Tim Schmitt
  • Melissa Sturm-Smith
  • Bryan Thomas
  • Tony Tyler
  • Nadia Valentine
  • Darcie Vandegrift
  • Desi Woods
University News
December 8, 2017
After a campaign season brimming with politicians and pundits, Drake students cast their votes at an exceptionally high rate in the 2016 presidential election.