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Flexibility to explore interest

Dive into a topic or travel experience with a tuition-free J-Term course.

Drake’s January Term, which takes place for three weeks between the new year and the start of Spring semester, provides an opportunity to explore unique subjects outside your major, travel the country or world, and have the time of your life doing it. You could witness the inauguration of the president of the United States, help the homeless in New York City, teach in Ghana, or restore habitats on the Galapagos Islands.

With offerings both on campus and in a travel seminar format, J-Term enables you to dive into immersive, unique, life-changing experiences. You’ll come away with a new set of knowledge, skills, experiences, and perspectives on the world—factors shown to enhance academic and professional success.

What makes it possible

  • Accessibility and variety: The 2018 J-Term offered 61 on-campus experiences and 11 travel seminars on diverse topics.
  • Convenient timing: A compressed, between-semesters schedule allows students to explore a single topic of interest without competing demands of extracurriculars or major curriculum. In 2016, 1,108 students participated in a J-Term course, and 62% of those students took a course outside their major.

Career benefits

  • Success in college: Immersive courses like J-Term, marked by student-faculty interaction and engagement, have been shown to drive higher GPA and graduation rates.
  • Better prospects for employment and career success: Experiences like J-term lead to growth in critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and writing skills—attributes that are in extremely high demand in the workforce and drive professional success. 

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