Drake Identity Standards

Why are standards important?

Picture yourself an alumnus or alumna of Drake University with a child who plans to go to college. This week your mailbox fills with materials from Drake—a letter from Admission along with a viewbook, a postcard announcing the next Bucksbaum lecture, a reunion invitation from your college or school. Each uses different colors, different logos, and different fonts. Some clearly identify the University on the front cover while other pieces simply reference the University in the return address. You have to look closely to realize that they all come from the same place—Drake University. You might even toss one in the recycle bin as junk mail without realizing where it came from. And you might wonder how mailings from one institution could be so disparate. This is why publications standards are important.

All communications from the University, whether originating from a school or college or another affiliated office, are reflections of Drake University. The logos, typefaces, colors, and treatment of photos and text all project attributes of the institution.

Every group that the University communicates with is inundated with information competing for attention. Drake University commits significant resources and countless hours to create publications and materials intended to break through the clutter. The goal of brand identity standards is to improve the effectiveness of the University’s communications in today’s crowded environment.

The standards were crafted by the Office of University Communications in partnership with a professional design firm and with the input of hundreds of individuals from the Drake community. Through consistent use of these standards, Drake will enjoy greater awareness and recognition.