Drake Identity Standards

Why are identity standards important?
An identity system creates a cohesive and recognizable look and feel for all Drake materials. Whether we are inviting alumni to an event, recruiting students, or sharing news about our excellent academic programs, we are all part of Drake, and our communications should reflect that. Every piece we send out, distribute, post, or share reflects on Drake and the reputation of our University.

A cohesive look with recognizable design features helps Drake material cut through the clutter; design quality reflects institutional quality. It helps get Drake mail opened right away, rather than tossed into the recycling bin. It’s what makes someone pause walking down the street because they recognize a poster as advertising an event put on by Drake—they recognize the colors and structure of the piece as belonging to Drake before they even see what the event is. It creates a feeling of unity on campus as students walk down the sidewalk or prospective students visit different buildings. The more materials that fit into the identity system, the more we can leverage and showcase the breadth of the University’s offerings to all audiences.

In short, an identity system is a vital part of communicating the Drake story. Our identity standards were developed by the Office of University Communications in partnership with a professional design firm. Through consistent use of these standards, each piece of communication about Drake will uniquely portray the character and personality of the University, while telling our story in a cohesive, recognizable, and memorable way.