Drake Identity Standards

What is an identity platform?
An identity platform is a coherent, vital, and enduring plan of action designed to strengthen a brand—in our case Drake University. Consistent application of the identity platform distinguishes and unifies Drake communications tactically and emotionally.

Why is Drake’s identity platform important?
An identity platform supports a cohesive and recognizable look and feel for all Drake communications. Whether inviting alumni to an event, recruiting students, or sharing news about academic programs, all messages are Drake messages, and our communications should exhibit that unity. Every piece we distribute, mail, post, or share reflects on Drake and the reputation of the University.

Drake’s identity platform, developed by the Office of University Communications in partnership with a professional design firm, is a vital part of telling the Drake story. Through consistent use of these standards, each piece of communication about Drake portrays the unique character and personality of the University while telling our story in a cohesive, recognizable, and memorable way.