How To & Other Resources

The Resources & Guides section is your go-to spot for everyday communication needs. We have provided an inventory of some of our most requested documents and templates and frequently asked questions. Here’s what you’ll find in this section:

  • Templates—If you’re giving a presentation or communicating something on behalf of your unit, you’ll find unit-specific templates here.
  • Colors & Examples—Each college/school and some units have a specific color palette they can use for design purposes. Find yours here.
  • Pride Points—We have a lot to be proud about at Drake. Download and print our annual pride points document.
  • Expert Guide—Discover faculty and staff expertise in a wide-range of topics.
  • Mailing
  • Merchandise, Name Badges, Stationery, and Loanable—Access a variety of resources for Drake merchandise.
  • Trademark Licensing Program—If you’re looking to produce some type of tchotchke for your unit, make sure you use a licensed vendor.
  • Q&A—Stationery, photography, name tags—you’ll find resources for your common communication needs here.
  • Social Media Guidelines—When creating a Drake-related social media presence, please consult these guidelines and helpful tips.
  • Signage—Learn how to request signage and plaques.