Trademark Licensing Program

A trademark licensing program gives the University control over its logos and marks, thereby ensuring the quality and consistency of all University merchandise. It also enables the University to generate revenue from the sale of merchandise bearing its logos and marks. The revenue is used to support and enhance many programs campus wide. Outside of the University, the trademark licensing program creates a cooperative and positive working relationship with the manufacturers and retailers that work with Drake constituents.

Manufacturers wishing to use the marks, logos, and symbols of the University must obtain a license. For groups on campus, such as an alumni group or student organization, merchandise should be created by a licensed vendor regardless of whether the merchandise is for sale.

Need something produced? These licensed, local vendors can help you create what you need.


Competitive Edge

Fly Graphic Style

Signs, Banners, Oversized Prints

Beeline and Blue

Signs Now

Hats, luggage tags, mugs, pens, etc.

Premium Solutions

Flyers and Posters (designed using the Drake Brand Standards)

Integrity Printers

Office Max Impress