High-quality photography is one of the most powerful tools of communication today. The Drake Photo Bureau has the tools and skills to visually represent your event, organization, department, in an impactful, memorable way. Photos enable UC to tell your story more effectively across a multitude of platforms from print to online.

Photo Bureau
Student photographers comprise the Drake Photo Bureau, fulfilling many of the University’s photographic and video needs. Student photographers' services are available at no cost to on-campus constituents and may be requested via our Photo Request Form. Photo Bureau services are available for on-campus photo shoots only, and some restrictions may apply.

Professional Photography
UC staff coordinate scheduling and billing for professional photographers in Des Moines and around the country. Freelance photographers are available at a variety of price points (~$125 per hour locally) for hire for on- and off-campus events. Complete the Photo Request Form to request a professional photographer.

The Office of University Communications provides video services for external communications that promote the image and reputation of the University.  Primarily, these video projects fall into the following categories:

  • Recruitment
  • Development
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media

Internal communications video projects will be referred to DTS Academic & Emerging Technology office for consultation.

UC provides a number of service levels for video projects, from simple social media videos to large-scale, top-level promotional videos and advertisements.  These levels require different levels of skill and equipment to produce, and thus UC maintains relationships with local freelance video production companies in addition to UC’s own in-house production services. Please contact UC for more information and inquire about starting a video project.