CEI Introduces New Preceptor Development Opportunities For Continuing Education Credit!


The Collaborative Education Institute (CEI), in collaboration with Drake University and the University of Iowa have recently released two new online modules as part of their preceptor development efforts.  Both programs are available for continuing education credit.  If you are a preceptor, or would like to become one, contact us to gain access to these accredited programs free of charge.  For full course details and a link to register, click here.

When You See It In The News: How to Scientifically Interpret Published Studies – Preceptor and Student Interaction

Too often, the media is informed of important health stories before healthcare professionals have a chance to understand the situation and form a prepared response.  This program will assist you in effectively evaluating clinical trial and press release information and accurately communicating this information to your patients, other healthcare professionals, and the media.  The discussion will include common statistical terms used in drug therapy outcome studies, information about how to convert clinical trial results into understandable language when discussing findings with the public, and assist you in understanding the strengths and limitations of meta-analysis studies.  In addition, the program will provide guidance in how preceptors can integrate primary literature analysis into their work with pharmacy students.

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A Fine Line: Walking the Tightrope of Appropriate Pain Management

This program examines the ongoing challenges faced by health care professionals, and specifically pharmacists, in providing appropriate pain management for their patients.  The program integrates case studies and live video interviews to demonstrate the critical role and responsibility that pharmacists share in effective pain treatment and how this treatment is often affected by regulatory concerns or perception issues associated with pain patients.

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Developing and Implementing an Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience

Introductory practice experiences play a critical role for colleges of pharmacy.  This program will explain their role in the doctor of pharmacy curriculum, and assist you in developing an effective teaching experience in your pharmacy.  Various examples of professional activities designed to engage students in the daily activities at your practice will be discussed, assuring both their integration into your practice and their effective learning.

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Developing Cultural Competence

Providing care to diverse populations requires understanding the health beliefs associated with various cultures.  This program will assist you in self-assessing your level of cultural competence and provide you with strategies to effectively communicate with patients who have different health beliefs and practices.  As a preceptor, it will also assist you in teaching students to work successfully with patients from various backgrounds, as well as help you to more effectively work with students from various cultural backgrounds.

This program includes discussion relative to three video vignettes that portray actual patient cases and the interactions between patients, their families and the health care providers involved.

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July 17, 2015
Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs and Director of Experiential Education Cheryl Clarke, PH’86, was recently selected as a Fellow of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA)
June 30, 2015