Alumni Achievement Award Information & Past Recipients

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is currently asking for nominations for the Alumni Achievement Awards, presented at Pharmacy & Health Sciences Day each spring. Each year one award is directed at recognizing a young alumnus within the first 10 years of their career.

Individuals nominated should be graduates of the College and meet at least one of the criteria outlined below (college service, professional distinction and/or civic/community service).   Nomination letters should include the name of the individual, the program and year of graduation, and an outline of accomplishments that demonstrate how they meet the award criteria.
Submit nominations to Marilea Chase by October 15. 


Criteria for Alumni Achievement Awards:

1) Graduate of the College

2) Service to the College

  • service on College committees, task forces, boards etc.
  • excellence in precepting students
  • excellence in serving as a mentor for students
  • excellence in classroom contributions
  • active in fundraising
  • outstanding financial support of the College

3)  Distinction in his/her career

  • documented practice/career innovations
  • professional association memberships, especially elected office or committee involvement
  • formal honors/awards
  • outstanding business achievement

4)  Recognized civic/community contributions

Please send your nomination letter to Marilea Chase ( by October 15.

Alumni Awards are given to graduates of the college that have excelled in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Service to the College such as
    1. service on College committees, task forces, boards, etc.
    2. excellence in precepting students
    3. excellence in serving as a mentor for students
    4. excellence in classroom contributions
    5. active in fundraising (e.g. phone-a-thon)
    6. outstanding financial support of the College
  2. Distinction in his/her career
    1. documented practice innovations
    2. professional association memberships, especially elected
    3. office or committee involvement
    4. formal honors/awards
    5. outstanding business achievement
  3. Recognized civic/community contributions


Young Alumni Achievement Award

  • Spring 2014: Justin Rash
  • Spring 2013: Sarah Bethune
  • Spring 2012: Angela Arien, Sarah Westberg
  • Spring 2011: Anthony Pudlo, Troy Trygstad
  • Spring 2010: Kimberly Scarsi
  • Spring 2009: Michael Case-Haub
  • Spring 2008: LT. David Sohl
  • Spring 2007: DeeAnn Wedemeyer-Oleson


Alumni Achievement Award

  • Spring 2014: Bob Egeland, Tarannum Qureshi,
                         Joshua Sandquist, Katie Suda,
  • Spring 2013: Michael Allen, John Bentley, Jill Haug
  • Spring 2012: Carl Jakopec, Brian Reisetter
  • Spring 2011: Brian Benson, James DeMuth
  • Spring 2010: Denise Nichols, Steven Herwig
  • Spring 2009: Larry Mayhew, Michael Case-Haub, and Patty Kumbera
  • Spring 2008: Jennifer Taylor Fix & Geoffrey Lawton
  • Spring 2007: Suzanne Sietsema Blackburn & Mary Walbridge
  • Spring 2006: Jay Langford & Tom Rickey
  • Spring 2005: Ronald Hadsall, Matthew Hubbell, and Charlie Porter Spring
  • 2004: Lon Larson, Al Viktor, and Thomas Vlassis Spring
  • 2003: None
  • Spring 2002: Renae Chesnut, Rod Carter, Michael Glen, Ron Snow, and Lindsey Stephens
  • Spring 2001: Dan and Pat Jorndt
  • Spring 2000: Charlie Dragovich, Kathy Russi, and Larry Simonsmeier Spring
  • 1999: None
  • Spring 1998: Mary Radia, Dick Hartig, Russ Johnson, Bobbie Riley, and Bob Schnarr Spring
  • 1997: John Forbes, Tim Franson, Gene Lutz, Melissa Murer, and Darwyn Williams Spring
  • 1996: Liz Cardello, Don Davidson, Jerry Karbeling, Susan Lutz, and Mark Richards
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