Granberg Award

C. Boyd Granberg Professional Leadership Award Recipient

The first C. Boyd Granberg Professional Leadership Award was presented during the 2009 Pharmacy and Health Sciences Day. 

The award recognizes and celebrates the contributions of faculty members who demonstrate sustained and significant leadership in professional organizations, and inspire students toward professional involvement. This annual award recognizes one faculty member for his or her service to professional organizations.

The main purpose of the award is to foster ongoing personal and professional development of pharmacy faculty, recognize leadership role models and encourage involvement by students in professional organizations. 

The recipient of the C. Boyd Granberg Professional Leadership Award provides a lecture to student participants of the college’s Student Leadership Series.For information on the award criteria and nomination process, or to contribute to the Granberg Professional Leadership Fund, contact  Angeline Hartman, major gift officer for the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, at 515-271-3617 or

C. Boyd Granberg
Dean Granberg's Reflection on the Award


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