Hartig Award Information & Past Recipients

Hartig Distinguished Professor Award

The Hartig Distinguished Professor Award is awarded annually by the Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to recognize a faculty member who has distinguished him/herself in teaching, scholarship, service or practice.  This monetary award is designed to recognize uniqueness, innovation, and creativity. Nominations should be submitted electronically to the Dean and should include the name of the individual nominated along with an explanation of how that individual has distinguished themselves.  All faculty of the College are eligible to be nominated.  Self-nominations will be accepted.  Nominations are being accepted by the dean.   The Hartig Distinguished Professor Award will be presented at Pharmacy & Health Sciences Day.

Hartig Faculty Development Program

The Hartig Faculty Development Program has been established to fund the pursuit of faculty development activities that shall educate, encourage and enhance entrepreneurism in community pharmacy practice or ownership.  Faculty are encouraged to submit for up to a maximum of $1,500 to support development activities designed to achieve such goals. Development funds will be available for use between June 1 and May 1 of the following year.  One page abstracts will be reviewed and the winners selected will be announced on Pharmacy Day.  Faculty Development Abstracts must be received electronically by the Dean. 

Hartig: Loyal alumnus committed to education

Both awards are supported by the Hartig Pharmacy Fund for Drake's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Richard Hartig, a 1973 pharmacy graduate who received a master's degree in 1981, and his wife, Brenda, established the fund in 2002. Hartig Drug Stores is America's second oldest continuously operated family drug chain, caring for customers in three states for more than 100 years through traditional drug stores, a long-term care pharmacy, Finley-Hartig Homecare and hospital partnerships. For more information, visit



Kristen Meyer 2017-18

Ron Torry 2016-17

Sally Haack 2015-16

Geoff Wall 2014-15

Bob Soltis 2013-14

Jane DeWitt 2012-13

Pramod Mahajan 2011-12

Craige Wrenn 2010-11

Denise Soltis 2009-2010

Chuck Phillips 2008-2009

June Johnson 2007-2008

Ron Torry 2006-2007

Linda Krypel 2005-2006

Geoff Wall 2004-2005



Michelle Bottenberg, Carrie Koenigsfeld, and Nic Lehman 2017-18

Erin Ulrich and Wendy Mobley-Buckstein 2014-15

Wendy Mobley-Buckstein and Nora Stelter 2012-13

Carrie Koenigsfeld and Nora Stelter 2010-11

Megan Friedrich 2009-2010

Renae Chesnut 2008-2009

Megan Friedrich 2007-2008

Denise Soltis 2006-2007

Sally Haack 2005-2006

Sandy Dirks 2004-2005

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