Annual Health Sciences Awards

Health Sciences Student Leadership Award

This annual award recognizes a health sciences student who has shown
leadership in their curricular and co-curricular activities.

2016-17: Logan Clarahan

2015-16: Kyli Torkelson

2014-15: Becca Mahnesmith

2013-14:  Ngoc (Jade) Cao

2012-13:  Violet Ho

2011-12:  Michael Sage

Outstanding Health Sciences Student Award

Annual recognition for a health sciences student who has shown academic excellence and
service to the College and the health sciences program.

2016-17: Nick Jenderko

2015-16: Katherine North

2014-15: Emily Larson & Hannah Mikkalson

2013-14: Melissa Parks

2012-13:  Logan North

2011-12:  Mallory Tough

2010-11:  Katelin Zaeske



2017 Recipients
Nick Jenderko,
Chuck Phillips, Logan Clarahan‌


Nicole Kerr
2016 Recipiets
Kyli Torkelson,
Dean Chesnut, Katherine North


nicole kerr
2015 Recipients
Dean Duncan, Emily Larson, Becca Mahnesmith, Renae Chesnut


2014 Recipients
Melissa Parks,
Dean Duncan and Ngoc (Jade) Cao

2013 Health Sciences Awards
2013 Recipients
Dean Rospond, Violet Ho and Logan North

2012 Recipients
Dr. Rhonda Beemer, Mallory Tough, Michael Sage and Dean Rospond

2011 Health Sciences Award
2011 Recipient

Travis Gau, Dean Rospond and Katelin Zaeske

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