Weaver Award Description & Past Recipients

Lawrence C., PH '49 &
Delores M. Weaver

The Weaver Medal of Honor is awarded by the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences annually to a recipient who has fulfilled one of the following criteria:

The individual's efforts have advanced the education, research or outreach mission of the college for the benefit of human health; the individual has made a substantial impact on the profession of pharmacy; or the individual has provided to the college significant financial support that has funded strategic change and progress.  The award is made possible through a generous gift of Lawrence C., PH '49, and Delores M. Weaver


Spring 2013
Timothy Franson
2013 Weaver News Article

Spring 2012
Thomas R. Temple
2012 Weaver News Article

Spring 2011
Jack Ellis
2011 Weaver News Article

Spring 2010
Melissa Murer Corrigan
2010 Weaver News Article

Spring 2009
Lon Larson
2009 Weaver News Article

Spring 2008
Richard Morrow
2008 Weaver News Article

Spring 2007
Wendell T. Hill
2007 Weaver News Article

Spring 2006
Dick Hartig
2006 Weaver News Article

Spring 2005
Morgan E. Cline
2005 Weaver News Article

Spring 2004
L. Daniel Jorndt
2004 Weaver News Article

Spring 2003
Don Davidson
2003 Weaver News Article

Spring 2002
Maxine Beatty
2002 Weaver News Article

Spring 2001
Dar Williams
2001 Weaver News Article

Spring 2000
C. Boyd Granberg
2000 Weaver News Article

Spring 1999
Barry Golin
1999 Weaver News Article

Weaver Lecture

From Left to Right:
Back Row: Don Davidson, Jack Ellis, Richard Hartig
Front Row: C. Boyd Granberg, Thomas Temple, Timothy Franson, Richard Morrow, Linda Krypel (Lon Larson)

2013 Weaver Medal of Honor

Weaver Lecture

From Left to Right:
Back Row: Don Davidson, Richard Hartig, C. Boyd Granberg, Jack Ellis
Front Row: Linda Krypel (Lon Larson), Delores Weaver, Thomas Temple, Melissa Murer Corrigan

2012 Weaver Medal of Honor

Weaver Lecture

From Left to Right:
Back Row: Richard Morrow, Don Davidson, Richard Hartig,
Front Row: Melissa Murer Corrigan, Jack Ellis, C. Boyd Granberg, Linda Krypel (Lon Larson)


Weaver Lecture

From Left to Right:
Dean Raylene Rospond, Richard Hartig, C. Boyd Granberg, Marcella Hill (Wendell Hill), Melissa Murer Corrigan, Don Davidson and Linda Krypel (Lon Larson)

Weaver 10 Year
Award Celebration

From Left to Right:
Richard Hartig, Barry Golin, Don Davidson, Lon Larson, Darwyn Williams, Richard Morrow, and
C. Boyd Granberg


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