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Annual Health Sciences Awards

Health Sciences Student Leadership Award

This annual award recognizes a health sciences student who has shown leadership in their curricular and co-curricular activities.

  • 2016-17: Logan Clarahan
  • 2015-16: Kyli Torkelson
  • 2014-15: Becca Mahnesmith
  • 2013-14:  Ngoc (Jade) Cao
  • 2012-13:  Violet Ho
  • 2011-12:  Michael Sage

Outstanding Health Sciences Student Award

Annual recognition for a health sciences student who has shown academic excellence and service to the College and the health sciences program.

  • 2016-17: Nick Jenderko
  • 2015-16: Katherine North
  • 2014-15: Emily Larson & Hannah Mikkalson
  • 2013-14: Melissa Parks
  • 2012-13:  Logan North
  • 2011-12:  Mallory Tough
  • 2010-11:  Katelin Zaeske

2017 Recipients: Nick Jenderko, Chuck Phillips, Logan Clarahan‌


Nicole Kerr
2016 Recipients: Kyli Torkelson,
Dean Chesnut, Katherine North


nicole kerr
2015 Recipients: 
Dean Duncan, Emily Larson, Becca Mahnesmith, Renae Chesnut


2014 Recipients: Melissa Parks,
Dean Duncan and Ngoc (Jade) Cao

2013 Health Sciences Awards
2013 Recipients: 
Dean Rospond, Violet Ho and Logan North

2012 Recipients: 
Dr. Rhonda Beemer, Mallory Tough, Michael Sage and Dean Rospond

2011 Health Sciences Award
2011 Recipient: 
Travis Gau, Dean Rospond and Katelin Zaeske

February 19, 2018
Drake University is proud to once again be recognized among the nation’s top producers of Fulbright Scholars and Students.