Pharmacy Student Registration Information

**DSAC requested a registration process that would be fair to all students regardless of taking course work outside their primary program.  As a pilot, P1 and P2 students will register on the second and first day of Phase I Registration, respectively. 

  • P2 Students A-K register on Monday, March 31st at 7:00am
  • P2 Students L-Z register on Monday, March 31st at 7:30am
  • P1 Students A-K register on Tuesday, April 1st at 7:00am
  • P1 Student L-Z register on Tuesday, April 1st at 7:30am

Assuming a successful pilot, the registration times will be reversed for registration for the Spring 2015 semester (i.e. the last half of the alphabet will register at 7 am).

It is your responsibility to track your degree progress and follow the registration policies and procedures.  Prior to registration you should review your curriculum guide and degree audit to determine the courses you need to complete next semester.

Reminder: All curriculum requirements must be competed by the end of your P3 year. You have 3 credits set aside in your P2 Spring semester and P3 Spring semester to complete your remaining Drake Curriculum/General Electives. If you have more than 6 credits of Drake Curriculum/General Electives remaining, please contact to discuss your summer course and cross-enrollment options.

Planning to Register for more than 18 credits?  If you need to register for more than 18 credit hours or more during registration, please complete the 18 Hours or More Form on the CPHS website prior to your registration day and time.

Planning to repeat a course, but do not need to repeat the co-requisite (i.e. lab or discussion section)?  Students planning to repeat a lecture section ONLY of PHAR 134, may register for the lecture section without the lab via MyDUSIS.  For assistance with any other repeat course registration-related issues, please contact Beth Hudson at for assistance and include your Drake ID along with your request.

Planning to take a course at another insitution this summer? Review the Transfer Credit Request Process under the FAQ section of the Registration Bulletin.

To search for Professional Pharmacy Electives for Fall 2014, log in to MyDUSIS, click on the Student Services and Financial Aid link --> Registration link --> Look Up Classes to Add. From the subject menu, select Pharmacy. Approved Pharmacy Professional Electives are noted in the Attribute column on the far right of the Look Up Classes to Add results screen. 


P1 & P2 Students

When interpreting your degree audit, please check the following items:

  • What P1/P2 required courses do you have left to complete?

  • What AOI's do you have left to complete? (Artistic Experience, Engaged Citizen, Historical Breadth, Historical Consciousness, Global and Cultural Understanding, and Written Communication.)

  • How many General Electives do you have left to complete? (27 credits required - this includes your Artistic Experience, Engaged Citizen, Historical Breadth/Consciousness, and Global and Cultural AOI's)

  • How many Pharmacy Professional Electives do you have left to complete? (You are required to complete 6 credits of Pharmacy Professional Electives.  You have 3 credits set aside in the P3 Fall semester and P3 Spring semesters to complete your professional electives.  Professional electives are designated with the P-EL attribute in MyDUSIS.)

Immediately following registration, generate a new audit to confirm that you have registered for the correct courses.

PharmD Curriculum Guide    -    PharmD Degree Audit Guide    -    Basic Registration Guide