Health Sciences Experiential Education Program

Welcome to the Health Sciences Experiential Program! The Experiential Education Program for the Health Sciences major provides students the opportunity to apply and integrate classroom instruction with hands-on experiences in healthcare and research environments.  A highlight of the Health Sciences program is the year-long Senior Capstone Experience.

For specific information regarding the Health Sciences Program and curricular tracks, please visit the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences web page. 

Senior Capstone Experience

Each Drake University Health Sciences student completes a Senior Capstone Experience. Senior Capstone Experiences allow each student to demonstrate the capacity to bring information, skills, and ideas to a workplace environment, culminating in a project and presentation. Health Sciences Capstone Experiences include students taking Senior Experience I & II and Issues in Health Sciences V. All 3 required courses make up the Senior Capstone Experience for Health Sciences students in the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.  Each experience may take many different forms and will be dependent upon the track of emphasis that has been selected.  Possible Senior Capstone Experiences may provide the opportunity to work in the following environments: clinical, pharmaceutical and/or biotechnology research and development, hospital and health services administration, rehabilitation and therapeutic services, diagnostic services, and other medical practices such as dental, optometry, podiatry, orthopedics, and general medicine.   

July 17, 2015
Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs and Director of Experiential Education Cheryl Clarke, PH’86, was recently selected as a Fellow of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA)
June 30, 2015