Issues in the Health Sciences Courses

The intent of the series of courses is to:

  • Provide students with a clear understanding of the health sciences in order to guide and inform their decisions for senior experiences and ultimately career development.
  • Serve as an opportunity to integrate content and skills across the curriculum


Issues in the Health Sciences I – College Connections/Career Pathways
Students will learn the role of a Drake Health Sciences student within the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.  In addition, students will explore and learn information regarding professions in the health sciences.  Activities include creating an academic plan, experiential opportunities such as shadowing, and finding your top 5 strengths. 

Issues in the Health Sciences II – Healthcare system
The focus of this course is to introduce students to the health care system and the various disciplines and careers within the system.

Issues in the Health Sciences III – Entrepreneurial Leadership
The focus of this course is to introduce students to entrepreneurial leadership and how it can be applied to activities, projects, and careers in the health sciences.

Issues in the Health Sciences IV – Biomedical Ethics
Students will discuss and evaluate controversial and ethical issues such as academic and research integrity, insurance companies and genetic information, stem cell research, drug development, clinical trials, and the FDA approval process.

Issues in the Health Sciences V - Capstone
This course, in conjunction with the senior experience, will form the capstone experience.  Students will begin the process of writing, documenting, and presenting the work associated with the senior experience.

*Pharmaceutical Science Senior Research I & II
Supervised undergraduate research in the pharmaceutical sciences



CPHS Upcoming Events
White Coat Ceremony
Friday, August 22 @ 4:00 p.m.
[Sheslow Auditorium]
August 28, 2014
Laura Vollmer, 2015 Pharm.D. candidate at Drake University, is the winner of the Parata-Pharmacy Times Next Generation Future Pharmacist Award, as announced during the awards ceremony held in Boston on August 24, 2014.
August 14, 2014