Preceptor Development

‌Drake CPHS partners with the Collaborative Education Institute (CEI) to provide ongoing educational opportunities for preceptors, students, faculty and practitioners.  All of these programs are accredited by ACPE for continuing pharmacy education credit and are available free of charge for Drake preceptors.

For more information regarding the CEI initiative, visit the site at

The initial core program consists of four modules covering:

  • Mission and vision of Drake University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, including a tutorial on the use of our online assessment tool, E*Value
  • The Role of the Preceptor
  • Giving Experiential Students Constructive Feedback
  • Site Development

Additional programs are developed on an ongoing basis to supplement the core programs, including:

  • Login to Learn: a monthly, live, online journal club designed to create a collaborative learning environment for preceptors and students. 
  • Ongoing Teaching and Learning Topics:  mentoring, dealing with challenging learning situations, working with Millennials, grading student presentations, developing IPPE and APPE activities and much more

To access the core modules and many other activities:

  1. Log in to your Drake E*Value account
  2. Choose the Learning Modules tile, then select CEI from the submenu
  3. Select Link to CEI
  4. Select Register next to the activity you wish to complete; then click the "Free" button
  5. From the Transaction Summary screen, select Finalize Registration
  6. Click on the My Portfolio tab to access links for the activity(s)