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Electronic Communications Policy

Expectations with Respect to Electronic Communications

Increasingly College faculty, staff and administrators are using electronic means to disseminate information to and communicate with students. This information may be important and/or time-sensitive. Thus, the expectations of the College are that:

  • All pharmacy students are connected to e-mail and check it frequently.
  • Mail from the College is sent to Drake addresses. If a student wants his/her mail forwarded to another system, information on doing so is available from Computing Services.
  • If this poses a problem for a student, the student should contact the Director of Student Services to work out a solution for college mail.

Electronic communication (e.g., e-mail or the World Wide Web) may be required as part of courses and rotations. The requirements are to be specified in the course syllabus. If these requirements pose a problem for a student, the student must contact the instructor / coordinator to work out a solution. "System problems", however, are not the responsibility of the student.

In short, the lack of access to electronic communication is not a valid excuse for the failure to respond to a request, perform an assignment, or meet a deadline.

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