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The National Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)
The National Boards of Pharmacy web site lists all board of pharmacy web sites.  Just click on the Board of Pharmacy - United States link.

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners (IBPE)
Iowa Board of Pharmacy Regulations require that every pharmacy student shall register before beginning their internship, but not before the successful completion of at least one semester in a recognized college of pharmacy.  Three items must be submitted to the Board of Pharmacy:
1.  Board of Pharmacy Application Form
2.  Certificate of Eligibility (sent by the College to the Board after the first semester of enrollment; questions may be directed to Beth Hudson)
3.  Application Fee

Iowa Board of Pharmacy - Interns Web Site

Iowa Internship License Booklet Information

Iowa Internship Information
(Items marked with a * - Information provided by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy Staff)

College Requirement - Licensure in Iowa and any state where P4 rotations will be occurring.

Board Requirement - Depends on the state; Iowa requires 250 hours of internship (no longer restrictions on academic year versus break).         

          * The 250 hours shall be acquired under the supervision of one or more preceptors in a traditional licensed general or hospital pharmacy, at a rate of no more than 48 hours per week.  Credit toward the 250 hours will be allowed, at a rate not to exceed 10 hours per week, for an internship served concurrent with academic training.  "Concurrent Time" means internship experience acquired while the person is a full-time student carrying, in a given school term, at least 75 percent of the average number of credit hours per term needed to graduate and receive an entry level degree in pharmacy.  Recognized academic  holiday periods, such as spring break and winter break are not considered "concurrent time".

State Requirements -
-- Licensure and completion after first semester of pharmacy school (Iowa)

  • Internship credit may be obtained only after internship registration with the board and successful completion of one semester in a college of pharmacy.
    • Other states have a variety of times when the license can be obtained - see their web site or contact them to determine their requirements.
    • Note that some states require a pharmacy intern license to work in a pharmacy.  Iowa does not, however there are some functions that can only be completed by pharmacy interns.
  • Students will receive a blue internship booklet after registering.  This booklet will include the student's registration number.  The board does not issue an intern certificate or license.
    • Illinois does not license interns, but students are required to register with the Illinois board as a technician.

Process to obtain internship license in Iowa:

  1. Go to Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners website:
  2. Click on the Pharmacist Interns button
  3. Complete the Internship form. The "date internship will begin" question can be left blank.  
  4. Note that alcohol and drug charge information is requested.  If a student has an alcohol or drug charge, submit a separate letter of explanation with the application.
  5. Internship application should be mailed along with a fee (a check for $33.00).
  6. The College submits the Certificate of Eligibility when a student has reached eligibility.
  7. Board reviews the application; sends out the internship license number and packet. Note that this takes up to a month so make sure that the application is sent to the Board at least two weeks in advance (approx. March 31 so that the license is back to you by the due date of April 15)
  8. Board mails out internship booklet which will include the student's registration number, documents and information on completing the booklet.

Process to obtain internship license in other states:

When to count the hours in Iowa:  

  • Planning pharmacy licensure in Iowa
  • Completing internship hours in Illinois (no process to keep record of internship hours)
  • Not sure where pharmacy licensure will be obtained. Note that the hours on file with Iowa can be transferred to other states at the point of pharmacist licensure.

*Iowa can only transfer Iowa accredited intern training hours and academic credit hours (awarded at graduation). If internship hours have been obtained out of state student will need to contact that state and request to have their hours transferred to the state the student is seeking licensure.   -- If completing hours out of state and claiming them in Iowa, have to be an intern in that state and meet that state's internship requirements (note that some states require one semester/year of the professional program be completed prior to licensure).

*When student is ready to graduate, student will need to contact that state and request a letter be mailed to the Iowa board confirming their registration as an intern, number of hours on file and that they have met all the requirements of that board. Obtaining your Pharmacist's License

Visit the APhA web site to read an overview of the process for obtaining your license.

Obtaining your Pharmacist's License

  • Visit the APhA web site to read an overview of the process for obtaining your license.

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