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Certificate in Health Leadership and Management

Facilitated for Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames, IA

Uniquely designed 12 month/on-site certificate program developed to meet the mission needs of Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Certificate curriculum focuses on the following broad areas:

  • To effectively motivate and lead people and groups
  • To enhance professional skills and knowledge to enhance productivity, efficiency, quality, and consumer satisfaction
  • To proactively respond to the problems of environmental complexity and uncertainty, technological and social change, competitive forces, multiple performance demands
  • Need to identify future opportunities

This is a fully integrated program that leads to the option of pursuing a graduate degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in healthcare.


For more information related to developing a Certificate in Health Leadership and Management for your healthcare organization, contact Lance Noe at 515-271-2008 or

March 28, 2017
The Judith A. Lindquist Scholarship for Women MBAs covers up to half the cost of tuition for current and incoming Drake M.B.A. students who are unable to participate in a tuition reimbursement program through their employer.