Session II

Track 1: Dialogue on Race

Presented by: Carol Spaulding-Kruse, Kyle Munson & Tony Tyler

 The Color of Democracy

Participants will be engaged in a discussion in the style of a caucus coordinated by a group of politicos and other experts. The conversation will focus on issues such as: What sort of environment do elected minority leaders now face? Which issues are being ignored? Who’s disenfranchised in the political process, and why? How have deliberate efforts to bring more minorities such as Latinos into the political process fared?

Track 2: China and Hong Kong

Presented by: David Skidmore

Simulation of Crisis Decision-making at the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong

June 2017: Pro-democracy demonstrations have heated up once again in Hong Kong. Beijing has threatened a crackdown. Behind the scenes, political intrigue abounds. You are a Foreign Service officer with the United States Consulate in Hong Kong.

Your boss, the Consul General, faces several difficult decisions in fashioning a U.S. response to events. He looks to you and your fellow FSOs to develop options and make recommendations. Since the Consul General cannot afford any mistakes, expect to face a tough grilling when you defend your recommendations.

Students participating in this simulation exercise will break into three groups, each developing recommendations on a different problem. Drake alumnus, current Iowa Representative and former White House Director of Cybersecurity Policy Zachary Nunn will play the role of U.S. Consul General for this exercise.

Track 3: Middle East

Presented by: Mahmoud Hamad; students from MEPPA

The Future of Syria

The conflict in Syria has now lasted for five long years and has produced destruction and human suffering unmatched in recent history. This protracted conflict has brought international and regional intervention at different levels and a peaceful conclusion does not seem to be attainable in the near future. The global refugee crisis that has been triggered by these events has ramifications beyond the Middle East region.

In this session participants will be assigned to be part of a delegation of one of the nations that participated in the recently concluded Genève multilateral talks. The delegations will establish strategies to move forward, and we will examine how well – or badly – those different strategies fit together.

 Track 4: Food Security

 Presented by: Carlyn Crowe; Laura Leban, co-facilitators

Farm to White House: Food, Agriculture and the New Paradigm Shift

Description: You’ve heard the news—our planet will need to feed 9 billion people by 2050. What is really the concern? As global demand for food will nearly double, increasingly crops are being used for fuel, fiber, bioenergy and other industrial purposes. But is that it?

As the new President of the United States addresses food security for the decades ahead the leader of the free world—and the leader of the country that is allegedly “feeding the world”—is facing a paradigm shift. His/her challenges in food security and agriculture embrace a plethora of issues including policy, human rights, environmental/climate change, population migration, diplomacy, international relations, and more.

Will he/she embrace the challenge as an opportunity and lead this shift or resist to protect the status quo?

Participants in this session will develop recommendations for the new President by analyzing the social, political and economic factors that need to be addressed and how. Participants will also leave the session with action steps they can personally take.

Session Leaders:
Matt Russell, Carlyn Crowe, Kelly Nuckolls, Laura Leben, Haley Chelsvig


Today at Drake
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University News
December 7, 2016
President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, a 1974 alumnus of Drake University Law School, to serve as ambassador to China.