Fall 2012 Sample Syllabi

FYS 003 Banned Books: Ideology, Suppression, Censorship
FYS 004 Graphic Narratives: Print, Pictures, and Politics
FYS 005 The Future: Speculative Literacy and the World of Tomorrow
FYS 006 Decisions and Revisions
FYS 007 Creative Writing Adaptation
FYS 009 Dickens Won't Die: 175 Years of Narrative and Adaptation
FYS 010 The Power of Tradition, The Forces of Change: Athens and England
FYS 011 Hipsters: A Cultural History of Cool
FYS 013 Exploring “The Other Europe”
FYS 014 21st Century Poetry
FYS 015 Diversity in the U.S.
FYS 016 Cuba in Transition
FYS 017 The Real Hunger Games: Food in America
FYS 018 Shelter: The Home in Art, Literature, and Popular Culture
FYS 019 Art in the Everyday
FYS 020 Masculinities in Film
FYS 023 Diversity Includes Everyone
FYS 025 Perspectives in American Character & Society
FYS 026 Ethnobiology: Nature and culture
FYS 027 Physics for Future Presidents
FYS 028 Seeing -- Believing
FYS 029 Running: Body, Mind, Sole
FYS 031 Women, Race & Class: Theories & Representations
FYS 033 India and South Asia
FYS 036 Illusions
FYS 037 Canines and Their Human Companions
FYS 038 Portrayal of Mental Illness & Intellectual Disabilities in the Media
FYS 040 Imagining (Higher) Education
FYS 041 The Economics of China and its Effect on the World
FYS 042 eWorld: The Impact of Technology on Our Lives
FYS 043 The Common Good
FYS 044 Perceptions of Illness - How We View the Sick
FYS 045 It Takes a Village: The Importance of Bystander Intervention
FYS 046 Generosity of the Heart: Philanthropy in Action
FYS 048 Daring to Dream: The Stories of Buisness