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FYS Sample Syllabi

Fall 2016 Syllabi
Fall 2015 Syllabi

Fall 2014 Syllabi


Assignment Construction

Hammerburg Assignments
Short LPS Connected Assignments
Three Strategies for Using Writing
FYS 014 Icebreaker

Writing Resources

ENG 172 - Reading List
How to Write a Reaction Paper
Essay Proposal Format
Revision Plan
The Concept of Control in Teacher Response

Peer Review

Guiding Questions for Responding to Drafts of Papers
Guiding Questions for Responding to Drafts of Papers
Peer Review Worksheet Adapted for Full Class
Response Paper Peer Review
Ways of Reading Your Classmates' Papers


Critical Thinking Rubric
Information Literacy Rubric ‌‌

Reflection Rubrics

Levels of Class Participation
Participation Self Evaluation
Writing Rubric Draft


FYS Learning Outcomes
PMAC Expectations
University Resources
Alternatives to Canceling Class
FAQ- Autism Spectrum Disorder
Suggested Syllabus Language for Accommodations
Sample Syllabus Statement on Sexual Misconduct


Academic Achievement
Academic Dishonesty
 For Academic Dishonesty issues, follow the rules from your school or college. For those not associated with a school or college, follow the procedures for Arts and Sciences linked below substituting the Associate Provost for the Dean.
Counseling Center
Disability Services
Peer Advisory Board
Gender Violence Sexual Assault

To schedule a library session: http://library.drake.edu/get-help/services-for-faculty/fys-instruction-request/

Library help for faculty: https://library.drake.edu/get-help/services-for-faculty/

Library help for students: https://library.drake.edu/get-help/services-for-students/ (includes links to writing workshop, speaking center, tutoring, and library services.)


Service Learning and FYS

Developing Service Learning: Things to Consider
DU Service Learning Examples
Office of Community Engagement FYS Resources

Other Resources

Stress: Recognition and Management (ppt)
Stress: Recognition and Management (pdf)
Stress Continuum

FYS Course Proposal Submission Form

Today at Drake
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
University News
August 2, 2017
Fifty Des Moines Public Schools students will participate in a week-long symposium at Drake University to discuss the unique challenges that students of color face when preparing for college.