Babes, Blasters, and Bombs- Gender Issues in Science Fiction
FYS 040, CRN 6503
Danelle Stamps
MW 8:00am-9:15am

This course provides an overview of the history of Science Fiction in the United States. Although we will take a broad and essentially chronological approach, this is not simply the “same old story” with a different emphasis. We will reexamine some familiar historical events from a different perspective, but we will also focus on issues vital to the female experience (such as sexuality, reproduction, body image, gender construction, uncompensated labor, and domestic violence) that often get overlooked in literature, especially in Science Fiction genre.

We will discuss the literary movements and experiences that unite the genre as well as the factors that divide them (with particular attention to ethnicity, class, region, and sexual orientation). Our exploration of these multiple pasts provides rich context for examining the gender politics of the present, so we will conclude with a series of articles about women’s issues in the contemporary United States. We will attempt to place these works of literature in deep historical context.

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