J-Term Registration FAQ

1. Q. What are the dates of the January Term in 2015?

            A.  January Term begins on January 5 and ends on January 23.

2. Q.  Where will official registration information be available for J-Term?

            A.  It is available through the Office of Student Records at: http://www.drake.edu/dc/j-termexperience/registration/. There are also course descriptions available on the J-Term webpage.

            Additionally, registration information will be available at the J-term fair.  See J-term web site for more information about the fair. There will also be handouts available providing information on ALL courses, as well as information about Housing, Financial Aid and other Finance issues and registration procedures. 

3. Q.  How does a student register for J-Term?

            A.  Students register through BlueView in the same way they register for fall, summer, and spring classes. 

4. Q.  When is registration for 2015 J-Term?

            A.   Registration will begin on Monday, March 31st.  Priority will be given to students based on their earned credit hours. Students* become eligible to register for 2015 J-term at the same time they become eligible to register for the summer and fall 2014 semesters.  Specific registration times are available on the Student Records web site at http://www.drake.edu/studentrecords/registration/registrationtimes/.

* See question 5 for more information about who is eligible to register for a J-term course.

5. Q.  Who is eligible to register for J-Term courses?

            A. Anyone (degree seeking or non-degree seeking) is eligible except those who are entering first year (direct from high school) students during that academic year.  For example, students who are admitted directly from high school for the Fall/Summer 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters are not eligible for 2015 J-Term.

6. Q. If a class is oversubscribed, who receives priority?

            A. In general, priority would be based on seniority. For some classes, priority will be given to particular groups of students based on the topic of the class or to those who have completed the course prerequisites. Thus, standard course prerequisites or instructor permission protocols will be followed.

7. Q. What if the J-Term course that the student requested is cancelled due to low enrollment?

            A. Students who were denied a J-term course due to course cancellation may register for a different J-term course provided that seats are available and that the student has met the pre-requisites.  Travel seminars may have unique registration deadlines.

8. Q. Will a student’s J-Term registration be affected by his or her spring 2014, summer 2014, or fall 2014 semester grades? 

            A. It is possible. If a student has not passed the pre-requisites for a J-term course, the student is subject to being dropped from the J-term course.

9. Q. Are independent studies allowed during J-Term?

            A. Yes, independent studies are permitted in J-Term.  Students must make arrangements with a faculty-advisor and their dean’s office to register for an independent study for the J-term.

10. Q. Is there limit to the number of J-Term courses for which students may register?

            A. Students may register for no more than three credits of J-term courses.  Students who register for more than three credits will be subject to additional charges.

11. Q. When is the last day to add a J-term 2015 class?

A. A student may add the course before the second class-meeting of the course.

12. Q. When is the last day to drop a J-term 2015 class?

            A. Intent to drop must be submitted to the college/school dean’s office or to the Office of Student Records by the end of the first business day following the first meeting of the course.

13. Q. How does a student add him/herself to the course wait list? Can he/she be added to more than one wait list? How does a student remove him/herself from a wait list?

          A. Special Note: Any registration restrictions that apply to a class also apply to that class's wait list. Therefore, students who do not meet the registration criteria for a class also do not meet the criteria to wait list for the class. Detailed wait list restrictions and instructions are available at: http://www.drake.edu/studentrecords/registration/registrationwaitlist/

14. Q. How does a student remove him/herself from a wait list?

            A. As long as you will remain registered for at least one course in J-term, to drop a J-term course, follow the same drop procedures as a Fall/Spring course. If you will be dropping the ONLY course for which you are registered, you need to withdrawal from J-term as outlined at: http://www.drake.edu/studentrecords/blueviewhowto/withdrawfromdrake/.