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General Leadership

Jill Haug Column Series

Jill Haug Column Series Article One
Jill Haug Column Series Article Two
Jill Haug Column Series Article Three

A Managed Care Internship

Entrepreneurial leadership can be found throughout the pharmacy profession, including practices outside of community pharmacy. The column below was written by Anthony Pudlo, a 2007 PharmD candidate at Drake University. It details his experience in a non-traditional pharmacy services setting. He describes the pursuit of an opportunity and the risk he took in following a passion rather than a traditional route to pharmacy practice. Anthony’s experience is a story written to inspire other future pharmacists to pursue interests and learn more about our profession, which will provide background for future innovation and provide opportunities for change.

Why Do One?
What Do You Do?
What Does My Future Hold?

Purchasing an Independent Pharmacy

Purchasing a pharmacy is something that not all pharmacists would consider. In this column, pharmacist Craig Wear discusses the factors that led him to the realization that he would like to open an independent pharmacy and the goals he had for accomplishing this dream. He also describes how he gained the confidence necessary for the venture.

Thoughts and Processess Behind Purchasing an Independent Pharmacy
Purchasing an Independent Pharmacy
Reflections On Becoming an Independent Pharmacy Owner

Peter Barron Pharmacy Business Series

Peter Barron is a strong advocate of patient care and advancement of pharmacy practice, a pioneer and an innovator who introduced new models of pharmacy practice into New Zealand by opening a chain of pharmacies. He promoted his pharmacy through innovative advertising, including a radio talk show and expanding into the online realm. In this column, Peter discusses development of his pharmacies.

Initiating a Pharmacy Business
Pharmacy Growth Through Acquisition
Implementation of Pharmacy Automation

Iowa PCM: Expansion

PCM Expansion Article