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"Approached as a process, entrepreneurship is not some chance event pursued by a select few, but becomes a manageable event that can be pursued by anyone."

            -Morris et. al. "Towards integration: understanding entrepreneurship through frameworks" Entrepreneurship and Innovation, February 2001.

The DELTA Rx Institute features profiles of innovative people, practices, and organizations that have displayed entrepreneurial leadership in their initiatives. A profile describes the opportunity, the obstacles, the successes and the failures of the people who undertook the venture. The DELTA Rx Institute outlines profiles following the framework of the entrepreneurial process.

"The framework consists of six stages. The first two, opportunity identification and business concept development, represent the ideation phase of the process the entrepreneur is attempting to identify patterns or forces in the environment that represent profit potential, and to develop a creative means of capitalizing on that potential. The remaining stages are concerned with implementation. Thus, the entrepreneur assesses and acquires the necessary resources, implements the concept, manages the business, and eventually harvests the venture." Morris et al. "Towards integration: understanding entrepreneurship through frameworks" Entrepreneurship and Innovation. February 2001.

Through Profiles the DELTA Rx Institute strives to develop your spirit of change and innovation in pharmacy.

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