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Pharmaceutical Science Department

Hassan Almoazen



Craige Wrenn

My interests are mainly concerned with the neuropharmacology and neuroanatomy of learning and memory.  Specifically, we are focusing our efforts on mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and the behavioral functions of the M2 subtype of muscarinic receptor.


List of summer students and what they did (each of these students is continuing to work this fall):
Natalie Arter (BSPS).  Natalie is working on developing a mouse model of an Alzheimer's Disease by using a toxin that is selective for the cholinergic neurons of the forebrain. 
Natalie Bainbridge (PharmD).  Natalie is studying the behavioral phenotype of mice which lack the M2 subtype of muscarinic receptor (M2 KO mice).
Stephanie Swain (Pre-Pharmacy).  Stephanie is also studying the behavioral phenotype of mice which lack the M2 subtype of muscarinic receptor (M2 KO mice).

Another student, Lisa Koselke (Pre-Pharm), has joined the lab this fall and is participating in the M2 KO project.


Bob Soltis

The focus of my research is to examine the mechanisms and pathways in the brain that interact to control or influence stress-induced changes in behavior and neuroendocrine and cardiovascular function. The approach taken in these studies is to inject drugs into discrete areas of the brain of conscious rats during normal and stressful conditions. By examining the cardiovascular, neuroendocrine and behavioral changes resulting from pharmacologically modifying neurotransmission in specific regions of the brain, it will be possible to determine the role of specific neurotransmitter systems and central pathways that mediate stress-induced changes. The long term goals of this work are to enhance our understanding of the neural basis for certain cardiovascular disorders and to suggest strategies for drug development and therapy aimed at their treatment or prevention.

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April 16, 2018
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