DUSCI Summer Fellowships

DUSCI's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for students and their faculty mentors to conduct eight weeks of full-time scholarship from May 19, 2014 - July 11, 2014. Each fellowship provides a student award of $3,000 and a faculty award of $500.

Other summer DUSCI activities include field trips, workshops, weekly research meetings, socials and a final research presentation by participants.

Applications are being accepted through March 7, 2014 and awardees will be notified after spring break. To down the application click on the following link DUSCI Summer Research Application.

The following students and faculty mentors participated in the 2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Program:

  • Stephanie Running, Mentor - Maryann Huey, Department - Math
  • John Gormley, Mentor - Eric Manley, Department - Computer Sicience
  • Michael Buege, Mentor - Pramod Mahajan - Pharmacy
  • Kayla Brauer, Mentor - Jerrid Kruise - School of Ed
  • Aubrey Lambach, Mentor - Debora Christensen, Department - Biology
  • Hannah Moses, Mentor - Chris Kliethermes, Department - Psychology
  • Noor S.M. Hussin, Mentor - Athan Petridis, Department - Physics
  • Josh Bonello, Mentor - Michael Rieck, Department - Computer Science
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