Economics Courses at Drake

Economics courses serve majors and non-majors.  ‌‌All courses are open to any student from any college at Drake who has taken the prerequisites.

Courses aimed at first-year students and sophomores:  The Economics Faculty believes that basic knowledge of economics is essential to good citizenship.  Introductory courses have no college-level prerequisites, but students are expected have an understanding of tenth-grade mathematics.  First-year business students normally take ECON 2 in the fall and ECON 10 (if required) in the spring.  Non-business students will thus find it easier to register for ECON 2 in the spring and ECON 10 in the fall.

ECON Course Prerequisites
002 Principles of Microeconomics None
010 Principles of Macroeconomics None

Courses aimed at sophomores and juniors:  Field courses apply economic analysis to various subjects, problems and public-policy questions. Students can pick courses to suit their interests.

ECON Course Prerequisites
105 Money and Banking ECON 010; MATH 020 or higher
109 Public Economics ECON 002
115 Labor Economics ECON 002, 010
120 Regulation and Antitrust Policy ECON 002; MATH 028 or higher
130 International Economics ECON 002, 010; MATH 020 or higher
131 China's Economy ECON 010; MATH 020 or higher
135 Developing Economies ECON 002, 010; MATH 020 or higher
198 Selected Topics Varies

Courses aimed at juniors and seniors:  Our most advanced courses build proficiency in economic theory and data analysis.  All four courses are required for the Economics major and the Quantitative Economics major.  ECON 190 is a capstone in which students read recent research and complete their own research project. 

ECON Course Prerequisites
170 Introduction to Econometrics ECON 002, 010; MATH 028 or higher; STAT 072 or ACTS 141
173 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis ECON 002; MATH 028 or higher
174 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis ECON 002, 010; MATH 028 or higher
190 Seminar in Economics ECON 170, 173, 174 (may be taken concurrently)

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