At Drake, we offer financial aid that is designed to reward your academic achievement and also to help meet your family’s level of financial need. You may find that you qualify for both merit-based and financial need-based awards. We make every effort to provide the most complete financial aid package to you in your first award notice.

Please visit our Office of Student Financial Planning for all your general scholarship inquiries.

The following additional scholarships are available specifically for economics students:


The Professor Edward Alley Scholarship

The Professor Edward Alley Scholarship was established in 1994 to honor Professor Alley. Professor Alley was a member of the economics department from 1942 to 1973 and served as chair of the department for two decades.

The Alley Scholarship is presented annually to a Drake economics major who has a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and who has completed the sophomore year. Recipients normally receive the scholarship for both their junior and senior years provided they meet all qualifications. Winners are chosen by the Office of Student Financial Planning in September or October. Recent winners are shown below.

1995-1996 - Robin Hampe and Ann Stockman
1996-1997 - Robin Hampe and Ann Stockman
1997-1998 - Stuart Hyatt and John Maroney
1998-1999 - John Maroney and Alissa Rohlman
1999-2000 - John Maroney and Alissa Rohlman
2000-2001 - John Maroney and Alexander Bujak
2001-2002 - Alexander Bujak
2002-2003 - Karey Anderson
2003-2004 - Amanda Marshall
2004-2005 - Kathleen Boggs

2005-2006 - Justin Funck
2006-2007 - Justin Funck
2007-2008 - Matthew Courtney
2008-2009 - Matthew Courtney
2009-2010 - Oluwole Aluko-Olokun
2010-2011 - Oluwole Aluko-Olokun
2011-2012 - Hannah Shell
2012-2013 - Hannah Shell
2013-2014 - Muhamad Iqbal Mohd-Rafi
2014-2015 - Muhamad Iqbal Mohd-Rafi



The Herbert W. and Edna M. Bohlman Award

Former students and friends in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Bohlman established this scholarship. Dr. Bohlman was a member of the economics department from 1924 to 1967. He served as dean of the Graduate Division from 1940 to 1954, and dean of the College of Business Administration from 1954 to 1964. Mrs. Bohlman taught economics and social studies for 64 years in the Des Moines School District, at Des Moines Area Community College, and at Grandview College.

The income from the Bohlman Award Fund is divided between two students each year: one enrolled in the CBPA and the other a major in economics. The economics winner, normally a junior, is chosen by the economics faculty in March. The winner then enjoys scholarship support for the following (senior) academic year. Both awards are presented at the annual CBPA awards convocation. Recent economics winners are shown below.

1995 - Tobin Bengfort
1996 - Neal Young
1997 - Tamara Rollins
1998 - Anna Stende
1999 - Benjamin Bergeson
2000 - Sara Dent
2001 - Afua Oppong
2002 - Evan Vasiliades
2003 - Laura Orth
2004 - Jayna Anderson
2005 - Jason Boothe

2006 - Ali Kalawadh
2007 - Andrew Weerts
2008 - Liza Azu
2009 - Ryan Kessler
2010 - Kenneth Jackson
2011 - Kjersten Krantz-Odendahl
2012 - Ian Sanders
2013 - Wei-Quan Soh
2014 - Kathleen Knox
2015 - Ju Li Chow