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Real Coaching II: Honing the Competitive Edge (EDMA 277)

This course is also available in an online format!  Click here for details.

Course Overview

3 Hours of Credit

Real Coaching II: Honing the Competitive Edge presents a thorough and systematic means for rejuvenating and strengthening your approach to coaching.  In the course you will develop a coaching philosophy, learn goal setting, organization, evaluation, and communication strategies designed to help you, your assistant coaches, and your players hone the competitive edge.  Based on the latest concepts of designing practices and motivating your players through mental skills training, Real Coaching II is devoted to ways of fine-tuning arousal levels to achieve maximum competitiveness.  The course concludes with a three-part project that brings together all aspects of your learning: you will develop your own personalized action plan to achieve excellence in your sport.

This course will be broken down into several components of study/analysis:

1. Text readings from Sport Psychology for Coaches by Damon Burton and Thomas D. Raedeke
2. Various video supplements
3. Personal reflection on your own coaching philosophy and style


  • Burton, Damon and Thomas D. Raedeke. Sport Psychology for Coaches. Human Kinetics, 2008.

DVD Video

  • Tom Keating - Developing a Philosophy of Competitiveness
  • Chris Creighton - Organization and Planning – Part 1
  • Tom Keating - Planning for the Season, Competition and Practice
  • Barb Bakker - Goal Setting
  • Christy Johnson-Lynch - Importance of Relationships
  • Tom Keating - Building Positive Parent Relationships
  • Chris Creighton - Organization and Planning – Part 2
  • Tom Keating - Evaluation
  • Fran McCaffrey - The Anatomy of a Practice
  • Fred Hoiberg - Preparing for a Competition
  • Dan Gable - Competitiveness
  • Chris Stankovich - Winning the Mental Moments: Developing Team Toughness in the Clutch
  • Jerry Lynch - Having the Right Stuff
  • Jerry Lynch - Developing Self-Awareness
  • Jerry Lynch - Developing Competitive Advantage

Course Objectives

  • Examine how a philosophy contributes to the competitiveness of athletes.
  • Identify the importance of planning and organization in the success of a team/program.
  • Explain how to lead athletes through the goal setting process.
  • Determine the elements of effective communication and strategies for developing positive relationships.
  • Identify the importance of planning, conducting, and evaluating an effective practice.
  • Identify the role that psychological factors play in sport performance.


This course is now available in an online format!  Click here for details!

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