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Team Building for Success (EDMA 177)

Course Overview

1 Semester Hour of Credit

"Team Building for Success" is designed to assist coaches in developing strategies to foster teamwork through team building exercises and goal setting strategies. Course materials will guide coaches to explore the importance and the benefits of team building and goal setting in team sports as well as provide them with resources to guide their teams through these processes. Segments include:

  • Importance of Team Building
  • Elements of Team Building
  • Team Building throughout the Season
  • Team Building Activities
  • Championship Team Building
  • Team Building Strategies
  • Importance of Goal Setting
  • Elements of Goal Setting
  • Goal Setting Strategies


Tom Keating, Former Athletic Director, Wahlert High School, Dubuque, Iowa National Volleyball Coach of the Year, 2003 National High School Athletic Coaches Association Hall of Fame, Eleven-time state champion volleyball coach

Also Featuring:

"Coach's Guide to Team Building: Volume II" (video segment) with Greg Dale.
In Volume II, Dale takes the next logical step by sharing several team building activities and showing how to implement team building activities into your program. Dale emphasizes the skills utilized during effectively-planned team building activities - teamwork, communication, and trust - all of which are critical in the development and growth of your team. Using several different Duke University teams as demonstrators, Dale facilitates eight team building activities; each time, Dale shares the rationalization for the activity, facilitates the activity, and then leads a post-"team building activity discussion", allowing the athletes to share what they learned - about themselves, and their team, while drawing parallels from the activity itself with team dynamics. This highly informative and entertaining team building presentation will assist you in building a cohesive and unified team!

Janssen, Jeff, M.S. Championship Team Building. Winning the Mental Game, Cary, NC. 2002.


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