Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is my Drake Student ID Number?

A. In order to protect students from identity theft and to secure academic records, Drake University does not use your Social Security Number as your Student ID.

Your Drake University Student Identification Number (labeled ID) is found in the upper right corner of your transcript. If you do not have a copy of your transcript, please contact the Help Desk at (515) 271-3001. They can retrive your ID number for you. Please use your ID number along with your formal name on all Drake University correspondence and transactions, especially future registrations.

Q. Is Drake a fully accredited university?

A. Drake University has been on the approved list of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since that association was established in 1913. Since reorganization of the Association in 2000, Drake University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.

North Central Association
Phone: (312) 263-0456

In addition to University accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, all School of Education certification and endorsement programs are approved and accredited by the Iowa Department of Public Instruction, pursuant of Chapter 79, Code of Iowa.

Q. How do I get an additional transcript?

A. Transcript ordering information may be found online by Clicking Here.

Q. How can I access my 1098T/Tax information?

A. A 1098T will NOT be available to you if you took an EDEX course. However, the 1098T is NOT needed to file your taxes for the Education Credit. Students that took an EDEX course should printout a copy of tuition paid in 2013. This can be done by accessing your Student Account. Follow the below link, it will take you to a direction set specific to accessing your student account so you can print either of the above mentioned documents:

 Accessing your Student Account Information

Q. Do your coaching courses count towards Pennsylvania's ACT 48 requirements?

A. You must hold a Health or Physical Education Level 1 or 2 certificate in order for these courses to satisfy ACT 48 requirements.

Q. Do you offer distance learning based degrees?

A. No, we do not have any distance learning based degree programs.

Q. Do you offer online courses?

A. Yes. Please visit our Online Course page for a complete listing of our courses.

Q. Do you offer courses for Coaches and Physical Educators?

A. Yes. Courses are offered in a combined video and print format. Titles include:

Q. What if I have questions about the course work.  Is there someone who can help me?

A. Yes. Our staff can answer many of your questions. We can also have the instructor contact you directly. Call us at 1-800-76-TEACH

Q. What requirements are there if I want to teach in Iowa?

A. Go to the Iowa Department of Education homepage for complete information.

Q. What is an Area Education Agency (AEA) and what do they offer?

A. The K-12 public and private schools in Iowa are served by 9 regional service units. These agencies provide special education, staff development and media services. Many have partnered with Drake to offer graduate credit for their staff development offerings. For more information and links to each AEA, visit the Area Education Agencies section.

Q. How much are the courses offered by Extension Education?

A. Video and online course costs range from $155-$675 depending on the delivery method and the number of credit hours. The cost varies for Drake graduate credit offered through the state's AEAs.

Q. Who do I contact if I am interested in applying for admission into a School of Education graduate degree or endorsement program?

A.  Please contact Jamie Steen for information regarding School of Education graduate admissions: 

Jamie Steen
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Education Building
3206 University Ave
Des Moines, IA  50311-3820

Q. How do I schedule the Miller Analogy Test (MAT)?

A. Call Bridget Arrasmith at (515) 271-2054.

Q. How do I contact Extension Education?

A. See the Contact Us page on this web site or call 1-800-76-TEACH.

Q. Will I automatically get a transcript?

A. Yes, you get one transcript free of charge after you complete each Extension Education course for which you are enrolled.

Q. Can I expedite my coursework?

A. Yes, you can have the grading process accelerated. Please fill-out and include the Expedited Grading Form with your coursework. Make sure it is ontop of your coursework so it will be clearly visible.‌

Q. What are enrollment deadlines?

A. For degree and endorsement programs, pre-registration must be completed two weeks before the first class date.

A. AEAs have different deadlines depending on the course offering. Check with the AEA to find out what their requirements are.

A. Online courses have specific start and stop dates. Check our Online Course Offerings page for enrollment information.

A. Video course enrollments are continuous throughout the year.

Q. Can I earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or SDUs (Staff Development Units) through Extension Education?

A. No. Drake University School of Education awards Carnegie units of graduate credit only in semester hours. CEUs are offered by social service, nursing or other organizations. SDUs are awarded by designated school districts and the 12 area education agencies.

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December 10, 2014
Drake University has been selected for a $1.1 million federal grant that will allow eight of Des Moines’ urban childcare centers to increase the quality of year-round, full-day service for infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds.
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