Periodically spills of chemicals or biological products occur in student and research laboratories and it is important that the spills be cleaned up promptly and correctly. The following are procedures for cleaning up spills:

Small chemical spills

  • Confine the spill
  • Notify the laboratory instructor
  • Keep others away from the spill area
  • Follow directions of laboratory instructor for cleaning up the spill
  • Dispose of waste properly

Large chemical spills

  • Notify all persons in area and have them move to a safe area
  • Notify your lab instructor
  • Call Security at 811 (campus phone) or 271-2222.
  • Call the EHS office at 3125 (campus phone) or the EHS cell phone at (515) 210-4186.
  • Contain the spill if it safe to do so
  • Stay out of area until you are told by Security that it is safe to return.

To report spills on the Drake campus contact the EHS office or call 271-3125.