Nonhazardous Waste

Non hazardous waste is all chemicals that do not display hazardous characteristics.  Hazardous characteristics are: flammability, corrosivtivity, reactivity, or are an EPA listed waste

To dispose of chemical nonhazardous waste, contact the EHS office to obtain a Drake ID waste stream number.  All waste must have a nonhazardous waste label affixed to the container before used and the label must contain the following information:

  • the chemical names of all constituents of the waste
  • no abbreviations are allowed, ie AgNO3
  • the first day waste was put in the container
  • the Drake ID waste stream number

All nonhazardous waste containers must be kept closed at all times unless adding waste.  All waste must be put in EPA approved containers.  To obtain these, contact the EHS office.  All waste must be kept in a satellite accumulation area. When the container is full, contact the EHS office for pickup.

For More Information:

For questions concerning nonhazardous wast contact: EHS office

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April 15, 2014
Drake University’s Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship (PFGCGC) will host a discussion on the Keystone XL Pipeline initiative in collaboration with the Iowa Energy Forum. General James Jones, a former national security advisor, will discuss the benefits of the pipeline initiative.