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Ice and Snow Dangers

Ice can be very beautiful but it can also be very dangerous, especially when it occurs in places where people are.  Ice hanging on trees or buildings, such as icicles, can become lose and fall, potentially causing severe injuries to anyone standing under it or cause property damage.  Icicles and roof snow (a leading cause of icicles) can be safely removed using a roof rake, available at most hardware stores.  Ice occurring on driveways or walkways can be dangerous as well.  Some ice that forms is very slick and looks like just water.  People walking over ice can fall and be injured or people driving over the ice can lose control of their vehicle and crash.  Walkways and driveways should be shoved and salted after every snowfall and should be salted if ice buildup is noticed.  Some types of salt can be more effective than others, for example, common table salt stops melting ice at 0ºF.  If in doubt, ask at a hardware store.  When shoveling, use care to avoid a painful thrown back or other form of overexertion, use a snowthrower if the snow is heavy.