Controlling Hazardous Energy

Lockout/Tagout is a method used to control potentially hazardous energy.  Either a physical locking device is placed obstructing access to the power controls or a warning tag is affixed to the device.  The energy shall be disengaged.  This means unplugging or disabling the circuit breaker.  Turning the power switch off is insufficient, as a short or malfunction can result in activation.  This is done to prevent accidental activation of the device to prevent injury or death.  If you see a device that has lockout or tagout on it, do not touch it or attempt to operate it.  This has been done because the equipment is being serviced or it is unsafe to use.  The lock or tag shall only be removed by the individual who affixed it, when he/she has deemed it to be safe to operate again.

Only authorized employees can implement lockout/tagout.  One should do so if one is servicing the equipment to prevent accidental activation, which can result in injury or death.  If equipment is malfunctioning, an authorized employee should disable the device via lockout/tagout until it is returned to proper, safe function. 

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