Radiation posses many dangers.  Extreme caution must be used when working near ionizing radiation sources.  Some common devices that produce these radiations are:

  •  X-Ray machines,
  •  UV lamps,
  • Scintillation counters
  • Certain gas chromatographs
  • Gamma counters

Radioisotopes can produce gamma rays, which are extremely hazardous.  When working with sources of ionizing radiation, one must be aware of the levels and types of radiation being produced.  Devices such as Geiger counters and film badges should be used to measure the radiation which one is exposed.  Only properly trained personal should be allowed near sources of hazardous radiation.  Such sources should be labeled properly and be stored in lead or other shielded areas.

Certain radiation sources must be registered and licensed by the Iowa Department of Public contact the EHS office for licensing information.

All radiation sources on the Drake campus must be registered in the EHS office.

For more information about the effects of ionizing radiation visit this page.