Environmental policy is forged at the intersection of scientific and political systems. 

Working extensively in the field, ENSP students emphasize “doing” over “knowing” as they learn to understand the connections between human beings and the Earth’s environment, and to engage in the crossroads of social and natural sciences that result in decision-making, policy formulation and implementation, adaptive management, and critical thinking.

Through hands-on experience, you will learn the theory and application of environmental policies, and study the sociological effects and impact of those policies on cultural justice. You will develop an understanding of organisms and their environments, the inner-workings of an ecosystem and the make-up and process of our atmosphere – all of which are fundamental to formulating policy that protects air, land, water, and biodiversity.

Our expert faculty, all of whom hold the highest degrees in their fields, are dedicated to teaching courses at every level of the curriculum and to helping you succeed. Their areas of expertise include water resources, geology, animal behavior, conservation biology, prairie ecology, entomology, economic and environmental modeling, and climate change. Where appropriate, guest instructors teach courses in areas where they have more specialized experience, including geographic information systems, animal reintroduction, and restoration ecology.

Our goal is that all students majoring in Environmental Science and Policy at Drake will meet three general outcomes:

  1. Understand how scientific data informs the creation of public policy to mitigate environmental risks.
  2. Develop problem-solving skills that will allow them to design, implement, and assess the results of their own projects.
  3. Develop an area of specialization within the ENSP program that allows them to realize their professional and personal ambitions.
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April 27, 2017
When Drake senior Reed Fischer crossed the finish line at the Drake Relays presented by Hy-Vee on Thursday, he broke a school record that has stood since long before Drake’s famed Blue Oval was blue.