Leading Others

Leadership Transformation & Accelerated Growth

Des Moines | Dubai + London

Leading Others is an open-enrollment program designed for leaders seeking leadership transformation and accelerated growth. This program will help leaders to lead organizations through periods of both change and stability.

Program Overview

Leading Others leverages the Drake University signature learning experience: one that is transformative, empirical, readied and international. This program includes nearly 100 hours of orchestrated learning and is supported by a cross-industry cohort.

The Format

The program combines a unique opportunity to maximize learning and development while minimizing time away from the office. Through a combination of executive coaching and two highly interactive classroom weeks, you move through the four program components  (Leader Readiness, Leader Development, Organization Performance and Leadership Sustainability) actually implementing as you learn.

Program Locations

As international business hubs, Dubai and London have been strategically selected as the first locations for the international roll out of the program, reflecting the right mix of cross-industry (and cross-market) peers and experience!  The mix of locations and international participants is reflective of the current market environment.

Benefits of Joining Leading Others

Real World Experience & Application

Through the combination of Drake University College of Business and Public Administration and industry expert faculty, this program combines the best of theory and real-life application in business.

A Tailored Leader Development Plan

With the help of the Drake Leadership Success Profile (360) and your executive coach, you will develop your very own leader development plan—a clearly defined action plan to assist your individual leadership development.

Business Plan

Build a three year business plan for your function which can be readily implemented.

A Cross-Industry Expert Panel: The Dolphin Tank!

A once-in-a lifetime opportunity to present your Business Plan to a panel of renowned regional and international executives.

Executive Coaching

Gain insights and direction in your professional growth and leadership development thorough a combination of one-on-one and group coaching sessions.

Who Should Attend Leading Others?

This program has been specifically designed to provide those in mid-to-senior level leadership roles with tools and techniques to understand what “outstanding leadership” looks like, and emerge with a relevant leader development plan and business plan that is readily implementable within the organization.

Leadership Transformation & Accelerated Growth


  • Measure your leadership competencies against the proprietary Drake Leadership Success Profile (360).
  • Discover and enhance leadership strengths to achieve new levels of performance.
  • Create a personalized leader development plan through executive coaching.
  • Learn strategies to enhance your organization’s performance, creating a three-year Business Plan for your function.
  • Be instructed and coached via an executive delivery team including deeply experienced Drake facilitators, executive coaches, and a cross-industry expert panel.
  • Join the Drake University Executive Education Outstanding Alumni Leaders.


  • Develop a structured approach to your leadership style
  • Unlock inspirational leadership capabilities
  • Shape the future of your organization
  • Learn to foster innovation and implement change
  • Prepare for senior responsibilities
  • Connect with peers and build lifelong relationships
  • Return with strategic action plans and leadership skills

Client Testimonial

If I had to describe this program in one word, it would be transformational. If you're open to this experience, it can change your life.

Emily Berrier


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