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Data Driven Decision Making

Instructor: Matt Spackman, Ph.D., Vice President of Business Insights & Analytics, Kum & Go

Big data—don’t dismiss it as a buzz word. The fact is, being able to analyze, interpret, and utilize data to make crucial business decisions is quickly becoming one of the most valued skills in the marketplace. With Data Driven Decision Making, you’ll be introduced to basic concepts of employing data to assist in making decisions that will positively impact your organization and bottom line. We’ll start by discussing the importance of decisions and common errors made in decision-making and move on to defining data and different types of data important to decision-making. You’ll gain insights into displaying and summarizing data in appropriate formats and how to avoid the pitfalls of minterpreting data. In the end, you’ll leave with the tools you need to develop a data-driven mindest. Come ready to discuss upcoming decisions for your job, and learn to apply lessons through case studies and activities.

Objectives of the course include:

  • Understanding the importance of decision-making to the success of businesses
  • Understanding and avoiding common errors of decision-making
  • Learning about different types of data and their limitations
  • Distinguishing among visualizations of data and how they assist with decision-making
  • Learning how to avoid common misinterpretations of data
  • Developing a data-driven mindset