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Creating Customer Value

In today’s hyper-competitive and highly informed marketplace, clearly defined value propositions that attract and retain profitable customers have never been more important. This course provides participants the foundational concepts and pragmatic approaches to do so across business models and industries.

Course Objectives:

  • Clarify and inform attendees on the importance of creating, maintaining, and increasing customer value within a competitive marketplace
  • Relate customer value creation to various types of customers and paths to market/business models
  • Explain types of customer value that can be created and various methods to do so within the customer value chain

Who should attend?

This course is designed for those who have an active interest, role, or responsibility for growing and sustaining profitable revenue. Common attendees include:

  • New- to mid-career professionals in customer-facing and/or demand-generating functions (e.g., product development, marketing, sales, customer service, customer experience, etc.)
  • Mid-career professionals seeking to shift or expand their expertise (e.g., finance, accounting, operations, IT, etc.)
  • Experienced professionals seeking a refresh or more contemporary view of customer value and its importance (e.g., general management, strategy, etc.)

Data Driven Decision Making

Big data—don’t dismiss it as a buzz word. The fact is, being able to analyze, interpret, and utilize data to make crucial business decisions is quickly becoming one of the most valued skills in the marketplace. With Data Driven Decision Making, you’ll be introduced to basic concepts of employing data to assist in making decisions that will positively impact your organization and bottom line.

This course will help you summarize data in appropriate formats, avoid misinterpreting data, and develop the tools you need to develop a data-driven mindset.

Course objectives:

  • Understand the importance of decision-making to the success of businesses
  • Understand and avoid common errors of decision-making
  • Learn about different types of data and their limitations
  • Distinguish among visualizations of data and how they assist with decision-making
  • Learn how to avoid common misinterpretations of data
  • Develop a data-driven mindset

Financials for Non-Financial Managers

Budgeting is not just for accountants. Business owners and managers at every level have profit and loss responsibility, thus involvement in the budget process is essential. Marketing, manufacturing, human resources, health care, you name it—all professions are ultimately measured by their owners or investors in terms of their bottom line. No matter the metric, budgeting and forecasting effectively is crucial for understanding all businesses and succeeding at delivering results.

This five-hour, hands-on course will help you understand budgeting and forecasting methods and give you the opportunity to put practical knowledge to work. The format is interactive; we will discuss different approaches and explore the key components of putting a budget together. 



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