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Transitioning to a managerial role

We’ve all seen it … an individual contributor earns a well-deserved promotion only to become frustrated and fail to live up to expectations as a manager. If you are on track to become a new leader, this course will build your confidence and help you avoid costly career or performance mistakes. If you are already a first-time manager, the skills you learn in this half-day course will keep you excelling.

Our workshop equips participants with the knowledge to develop relationships with a new team, benefit from best practices, set boundaries, hold people accountable, and avoid common mistakes made by inexperienced managers. 

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to transition from co-worker to manager.
  • Avoid common mistakes of first-time managers.
  • Leverage best practices for new managers.
  • Learn how to “lead from the middle”.
  • Understand the difference between “managing” vs. “coaching” your team.
  • Improve team performance by learning how and when to work “on” the system instead of  “in” the system.
  • Implement delegation basics for for new managers.
  • Outline a Personal Leadership Plan for immediate success.

Transactional to Transformational Leadership

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace it is critical that leaders establish and articulate a compelling vision, develop their employee’s critical thinking skills, and create an engaged workforce on a foundation of mutual trust. Transformational change requires leaders to invest time in activities that drive performance.

This highly interactive course is about dramatically improving personal and team performance, exerting less effort, and ensuring the sustainability of the improvements you make. This workshop will teach you to lead others and reduce distractions and bad habits that reduce effectiveness, perform at a higher level, and help your team experience better results.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the foundational components of transformational leadership
  • Recognize how urgency creates bad habits and transactional leadership behaviors
  • Understand the power of working “on” versus “in” the system
  • Create leverage through effective delegation
  • Clarify the differences between coaching and managing
  • Learn how to use questions to develop the critical thinking skills of others
  • Understand the importance of trust when coaching others
  • Leverage your calendar as a strategic tool to drive performance


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