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Transactional to Transformational Leadership

Chick Herbert
, Senior Vice President, Customer Exellence, Wells Fargo Retail Services

Mike McCoy, strategy consultant, investor, and executive leadership development coach; former President of Wells Fargo Credit Cards

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace it is critical that leaders establish and articulate a compelling vision, develop the critical thinking skills of their employees, and create a highly engaged workforce based on a foundation of mutual trust. Transformational change requires leaders to invest time in activities that drive performance and create strong followership and reduce time spent on transactional activities that dilute their effectiveness.

This highly interactive courseis about dramatically improving personal and team performance, exerting less effort than you're investing today, and ensuring the sustainability of the improvements you make. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills to more effectively lead others and reduce distractions and bad habits that reduce your effectiveness. As a result of learning and practicing these skills, you will perform at a higher level, your team will experience better results, and you will create additional time in your day to reinvest in those activities that make the most difference in performance.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the foundational components of transformational leadership
  • Recognizing how urgency creates bad habits and transactional leadership behaviors
  • Understanding the power of working “on” versus “in” the system
  • Creating leverage through effective delegation
  • Clarifying the differences between coaching and managing
  • Learning how to use questions to develop the critical thinking skills of others
  • Understanding the importance of trust when coaching others
  • Leveraging your calendar as a strategic tool to drive performance